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Under The Brolly

Under The Brolly is your monthly dose of all things rainbow, with generous splash of love with a big hug. Bringing your a community focused education and wellbeing show, produced by Reading Pride's MyUmbrella LGBT+ volunteer-led project to raise awareness of the various LGBT+ identities and highlighting important days and weeks in the calendar.

If you are interested in joining the show or have a burning question you would like us to answer, please contact us.

Season 3: On The Road

Season 3, brings you our new "On The Road" ? video-log format where we will be highlighting important LGBT+ organisations where we visit and also showcasing the amazing Pride's over the day, along with all the banter and giggles behind the scenes.

  • EP01: Witney Pride
    Date Published: Sat, 4th Jun 2022, 06:00pm

    In this episode we show the highlights of our visit on Saturday 28th May to Witney, not Whitley, Witney Pride in Oxfordshire.

  • EP02: Oxford Pride
    Date Published: Sat, 11th Jun 2022, 06:00pm

    In this episode we are at Oxford Pride, featuring a time-lapse of our stall setup inside the Westgate Shopping Centre followed by highlights of the Parade and an interview with Hannah Massy a volunteer at TransOxford.

    We conclude the episode with a recorded performance of "Sex Sells" on the Community Stage by Sean Wyer, a queer singer/songwriter based in London.

Season 2

Season 2 brings the same education and wellbeing focus of the last season with new host Hannah Phillips, a popular trans YouTuber. Premiering every second Sunday of the month at 7pm across Facebook and YouTube.

  • EP01: Trans Day of Visibility
    Date Published: Sun, 21st Mar 2021, 07:00pm

    Under The Brolly is back for a second series with new host Hannah Phillips. This month we are covering Trans Visibility Day with founders of T&Coffee – Trans Network, Jason Potts and Samantha Howard followed by Chair of Progress Theatre Steph Dewar discussing their upcoming play "Rotterdam".

  • EP02: Lesbian Visibility Day & World Autism Day
    Date Published: Sun, 11th Apr 2021, 07:00pm

    On this months episode our host Hannah Phillips talks to Debbie Brixey, VP of Membership at InterPride covering Lesbian Visibility Week and the current lesbian flags in circulation followed by Rachel & Ian Cotton from Reading Autistic Pride to talk about World Autism Day.

    We thank Georgey Payne for granting us permission to use anti-bullying charity single "It Does Get Better" by "The L Project" to close the show.

  • EP03: Pan/Agender Awareness, IDAHOBIT, LGBT+ DFV Day, World Mental Health Week
    Date Published: Sun, 23rd May 2021, 07:00pm

    "Slightly later than billed, our host Hannah Phillips takes us through Pan Awareness Day; Agender Pride Day; International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia; LGBT+ Domestic & Family Violence Day with Jamie Dewson a Support Officer at Support U; and finally World Mental Health Week with Lucy Hart a PWP Clinical Lead at Talking Therapies.

    We are also joined by Nicolette Street a singer-songwriter who has performed at Reading Pride for many years and also wrote charity single ""Sticks & Stones"" in 2011."

  • EP04: Pride Month 2021
    Date Published: Sun, 13th Jun 2021, 07:00pm

    It's June which can mean only one thing, Pride Month! Our host Hannah Phillips talks about what it is and the events that lead up to it such as the Stonewall Riots, Lesbian's and Gay's Support the Miners (LGSM) with three special guests: Reading Pride's CEO, Martin Cooper; Chair of Oxford Pride Zayna Ratty; and Founder/Director of Weston-super-Mare Pride and Inclusions Officer at the UK Pride Organisers Network, Nigel Briers.

    Whilst June is a month of celebration, it is also a time to reflect on all the lives lost through to intolerance and hate such as bombing of the Admiral Duncan in 1999, the mass-shooting at Orlando Pulse Nightclub in 2016 and much more close to home remembering Joe, James and David who we lost last year in Forbury Gardens, this section between 39m and 53m comes with a trigger warning.

    Finally Nigel has some news about some big changes at the UK Pride Organisers Network.

    We thank Reading International Solidarity Centre for allowing us to use their room to record this episode.

  • EP05: Non-Binary Awareness Week, World Hepatis Day & International Drag Day
    Date Published: Sun, 11th Jul 2021, 07:00pm

    This our host Hannah Phillps is joined with Joshua Bastow from Animagi representing Non-Binary Awareness Week followed by Summer Clarke a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Hepatology at Royal Berkshire NHS Trust covering World Hepatitis Day and finally Sab Samuel founder of Drag Queen Story Hour UK best known for his drag act Ada H Dee.

  • EP06: LGBT+ Inclusion in Sport
    Date Published: Sun, 8th Aug 2021, 07:00pm

    This month, our host Hannah Philips is joined with Chair of Reading Renegades RFC Tommy Snipe and writer, speaker, broadcaster and photographer best known for being the first transgender woman to work in football's Premier League as club photographer for AFC Bournemouth following her transition in the summer of 2015, Sophie Cook.

  • EP07: Bi Visibility Week & Sexual Health Week
    Date Published: Sun, 12th Sep 2021, 07:00pm

    This month, our host Hannah Phillips is joined with Darlaine Honey a Sexual Health Specialist from the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust and Philip Baldwin a Human Rights Campaigner and Gay Times Columnist.

    Covering Bisexual Visibility Week, Sexual Health Week and the 5 year anniversary of Undetectable Equals Untransmissable (U=U).

  • EP08: National Hate Crime Week, Ace Week & Black History Month
    Date Published: Sun, 10th Oct 2021, 07:00pm

    This month, we're covering Hate Crime Awareness Week, Asexual Awareness Week and Black History Month.

    Our host, Hannah Phillips is joined with MyUmbrellla LGBT+ co-founder Kerry Kleis and Reading Pride Trustee, Sophia James.

    Big thank you The Roseate Reading for allowing us to use their space to record this episode.

  • EP09: Transgender Awareness Week
    Date Published: Sun, 14th Nov 2021, 07:00pm

    This month, in our penultimate episode our host Hannah Phillips will be covering Transgender Awareness Week and Transgender Day of Remembrance with co-founder Christina Dearlove and research and development officer Charlotte Logan.

    Big thank you The Roseate Reading for allowing us to use their space to record this episode.

Season 1: LIVE!

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 we felt that it was more important than ever to stay connected and entertained to stay positive and maintain a healthy mind with all Pride events in Summer 2020 cancelled, we know that many of you felt that a major part of your social life has been affected.

So while we may not have been able to run our workshops or attend our stalls like normal, we have decided to bring you the next best thing! Our hard-working volunteers streaming Under The Brolly, LIVE! Discussing all things LGBT+, identities, issues, shared experiences and interact with you lovely, lovely people.

  • EP01: Introduction to Podcast Series
    Date Published: Sun, 12th Apr 2020, 07:00pm

    For our first episode we talk about the new podcast series, why we're doing it and introduce each team member.

  • EP02: Lesbian Visibility Week
    Date Published: Sun, 26th Apr 2020, 07:00pm

    For our second episode we focus on Lesbian Visibility Week, taking place 20-26 April with Lorna McArdle, Reading's most famous lesbian and co-CEO of Support U as our special guest.

  • EP03: Agenda Pride Day & IDAHOBIT
    Date Published: Sun, 10th May 2020, 08:00pm

    For our third episode we focus on Agender Pride Day, taking place on 19th May 2020, alongside IDAHOBIT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia), taking place on 17th May 2020.

  • EP04: Pan Visibility Day
    Date Published: Sun, 24th May 2020, 07:00pm

    For our fourth episode we talk about Pan sexual/romantic visibility day, why this is important including celebrating team member's Kerry's birthday.

    We will also have special guest Zayna Ratty [Chair of Oxford Pride] joining us throughout the show.

  • EP05: Remembering the Pulse Orlando Shooting
    Date Published: Sun, 7th Jun 2020, 07:00pm

    For our fifth episode we remember the people killed and wounded in a mass shooting inside Pulse. It sent a shockwave touching the hearts and souls of LGBT+ people across the world.

    On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old security guard, killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in a mass shooting inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, United States. Orlando Police Department officers shot and killed him after a three-hour standoff.

    On 18th June 2016 the MyUmbrella team in it's very first year of operation with support from the trustees put on a vigil at Reading Town Hall Square.

  • EP06: Pride Month & Stonewall Riots
    Date Published: Sun, 21st Jun 2020, 07:00pm

    For our sixth episode for Pride Month we discuss the different variations of the Pride flag and the history behind them including the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots [27th June] with special guest Paul John Desson-Baxter [trustee at Coventry Pride].

  • EP07: Non-Binary Day
    Date Published: Sun, 5th Jul 2020, 07:00pm

    For our seventh episode we discuss Non-Binary Day [14th July] joined with special guest Phoenix Stewart from Swindon and Wiltshire Pride.

  • EP08: International Drag Day
    Date Published: Sun, 19th Jul 2020, 07:00pm

    For our eighth episode we discuss International Drag Day with some special guests throughout the show.

  • EP09: World Hepatitis Day
    Date Published: Sun, 2nd Aug 2020, 07:00pm

    For our ninth episode we will be joined by Aaron and Alex from Blood Equality Wales to talk about World Hepatitis Day, as well as the usual mix of fun facts, flags and giggles!

  • EP10: Lockdown Reflections
    Date Published: Sun, 16th Aug 2020, 07:00pm

    For our tenth episode we will be reflecting on lockdown and also celebrating co-founder Christina's birthday along with the usual mix of fun facts, flags and giggles!

  • EP11: Kink, Fetish & Safer Sex
    Date Published: Sun, 13th Sep 2020, 07:00pm

    After having a short break to recharge our batteries the team are back with Episode 11 of Under The Brolly LIVE! For this episode we have special guest Thumper from Animagi.

  • EP12: Bi Visibility Day
    Date Published: Sun, 27th Sep 2020, 07:00pm

    Tonight we will be discussing Bi Visibility Day with special guest the Zayna Ratty.

  • EP13: Asexual Awareness Week Takeover
    Date Published: Sat, 25th Jan 2020, 07:00pm

    Steve, Thom and Kerry take over the final episode of the season to celebrate all things ace with a lot of cake.

ShoutOut LGBT+ Radio Podcast

In 2019, Under The Brolly started out as an eight minute monthly podcast hosted and produced by Steve and Thom Winter-Gray for ShoutOut LGBT Radio and later made available on Spotify and iTunes.

  • Pilot
    Date Published: Tue, 1st Jan 2019, 12:00am

    Steve and Thom Winter-Gray introduce their new LGBT+ podcast.

  • EP01: Get Ready for LGBT+
    Date Published: Thu, 10th Jan 2019, 08:00pm

    Steve and Thom Winter-Gray introduce their new LGBT+ podcast, including a breakdown of the 'alphabet soup' acronyms that are often used in the community.

  • EP02: Non-Binary
    Date Published: Thu, 14th Feb 2019, 08:00pm

    Steve and Thom Winter-Gray talk about non-binary including interviews from Trans Pride South West.

  • EP03: Homoromanticism
    Date Published: Thu, 14th Mar 2019, 08:00pm

    Steve and Thom Winter-Gray talk about Homoromanticism and share their experiences as homoromantics in a relationship.

  • EP04: Autochorissexualism
    Date Published: Thu, 11th Apr 2019, 08:00pm

    Steve and Thom Winter-Gray talk about Autochorissexualism.

  • EP05: Straight Allies
    Date Published: Thu, 9th May 2019, 08:00pm

    Steve and Thom Winter-Gray talk about Straight Allies.

  • EP06: Exeter Pride 2019
    Date Published: Thu, 13th Jun 2019, 08:00pm

    Steve and Thom Winter-Gray talk about Exeter Pride 2019.

  • EP07: Pride Season, Part 1
    Date Published: Thu, 11th Jul 2019, 08:00pm

    Steve Winter-Gray talk about the Pride Season so far 2019.

  • EP08: Pride Season, Part 2
    Date Published: Thu, 8th Aug 2019, 08:00pm

    Steve Winter-Gray talk about the Pride Season so far 2019.

  • EP09: The Genderbread Person
    Date Published: Thu, 12th Sep 2019, 08:00pm

    Steve and Thom Winter-Gray talk about the Genderbread Person.

  • EP10: Awareness Weeks
    Date Published: Thu, 10th Oct 2019, 08:00pm

    Steve Winter-Gray talk about the upcoming Awareness Weeks.

  • EP11: Trans Day of Remembrance 2019
    Date Published: Thu, 14th Nov 2019, 08:00pm

    Steve Winter-Gray talks about the upcoming Transgender Day of Remembrance on the 20th November.

  • EP12: Mental Health Helplines
    Date Published: Thu, 9th Apr 2020, 08:00pm

    Steve Winter-Gray lists a number of mental health helplines after the country entering a national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • EP13: Self-Care with Daniel Browne at Warks Pride
    Date Published: Thu, 14th May 2020, 08:00pm

    Steve Winter-Gray introduces Daniel Browne from Warwickshire Pride to talk about self-care.

  • EP14: Birthday Message
    Date Published: Thu, 11th Jun 2020, 08:00pm

    Steve Winter-Gray sends a birthday message to ShoutOut LGBT Radio

  • EP15: Non-Binary Day & Intersex
    Date Published: Thu, 9th Jul 2020, 08:00pm

    Steve Winter-Gray talks about Non-Binary Day, Intersex and a special thank you to all the NHS.

  • EP16: Introducing Drag Diva Lockdown
    Date Published: Thu, 13th Aug 2020, 08:00pm

    Steve Winter-Gray talks to Paul Doble from Drag Diva Lockdown to discuss International Drag Day.

  • EP17: Bi Visibility Day
    Date Published: Thu, 10th Sep 2020, 08:00pm

    Steve Winter-Gray talks about Bi Visibility Day