Political & Fetish

Leather Pride
The leather pride flag is not associated with any particular gender or sexuality but instead indicates a preference for kink. The "leather subculture"" is somewhat hard to define as it encompasses a wide variety of activities."
Rubber Pride
At a very basic level rubber fetishism is similar to leather fetishism, in that it revolves around clothing made of rubber (latex, PVC, polyurethane, etc.). Likewise, it has developed a significant number of associated sub-fetishes.
Straight Ally
A person who identifies as hetrosexual but supports the lgbt+ communities and the activities.
Trans Ally
A person who doesnt identify as Trans but supports the Trans communities and the activities.
Uniform Pride
Uniform Fetish revolves around wearing uniforms during play – very often these will be military uniforms, but we have seen the term used in a very broad sense as well (think nurses and schoolgirls).