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Stand Up For Your Trans Rites

Jessica James of Tranz Sista Media decided to team up with us do a cover of "Yaz Stand Up For Your Love Rights" only the word Love to Trans. This is just a video to grab some media attention for the organisation who do a lot for the LGBT+ community. They offer support and social events as well as educational programs around LGBT+ issues. We will not be hosting a press night for this due to the COVID-19 outbreak but we shall be organising a fundraiser later in the year once things calm down.

Some amazing people from the LGBT+ community have come to stand in solidarity with our trans brothers and sisters. To say it does not matter who you are. You don’t have to be trans or LGBT+ to stand for another persons human rights as Jessica’s sister states at the end of the video.

In this video we have K-Pop Superfan and performer Ollie London who has featured internationally in his own K-Pop style videos as well as on some big name TV shows such as America’s Dr Phil and many others. We have scene legend Son Of A Tutu, the amazing Ms Alexa Vox, Jenna Fowler, Glendora Mucklefanny, Sainte Victoir, Richmand Cloverfield and from the MyUmbrella LGBT+ team we have Christina Dearlove and her partner Charlotte Elizabeth Logan.

A Montage of trans activists past and present some who are sadly no longer here with us today. Some who have been murdered. Every year many trans people are murdered, attacked or discriminated against simply for being themselves. We need to stand together in solidarity as human beings and stand for everyone's rites to live without prejudice.

We are honoured to have support from The Mayor of London.